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Tina Bončina

I am a medical doctor and a psychotherapist. I completed the education in Transactional Analysis with Dr. Zoran Milivojević and I continued my education at the postgraduate course of psychotherapy at the Department of Psychiatry of the Medical Faculty in Ljubljana. I am also the first Slovenian logosynthesis therapist. I graduated with Dr. Willem Lammers. I use logosynthesis as an integral part of psychotherapy and I also teach this method to both trauma professionals and individuals who want to learn this approach for self-help. After studying medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, I completed apprenticeship at the Clinical Center and then worked for seven years at Psychiatric Clinic in Ljubljana.

I started my private pratice in 2010, but I have been practicing psychotherapy since 2005. I provide individual therapy, group therapy and therapy for children and adolescents. I organize workshopa and I give lectures on burnout, personal growth, effective communication, teamwork and other topics. I guide participants through identifying stressors in the company and in their personal life. In September 2019, my book Burnout (Izgorelost - Si upate živeti drugače?) was published by Mladinska knjiga. I translated the book by Dr. Zoran Milivojević The Games Addicts Play (Igre koje igraju narkomani, 2013, published by Modrijan).










Diploma Practitioner in Logosynthesis

Transactional analyst - Psychotherapist diploma

Diploma medicine

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Tina Bončina

Psychotherapist, lecturer and author

Location: Mirje 6, 1000 Ljubljana

Email: tina@boncina.si


The price of an individual hour is 80 €
(cancellation of an appointment in less than
24 hours is charged 40 €)
The price for group therapy is 30 € per meeting

Foreign speaking clients are also welcome
(English, Serbian, Croatian)